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Team Members

The scope of the Project was to identify new product identification in terms of Technology & In line to existing R & D capabilities.The scope was also enhanced to identify potential partner overseas for Technical Agreement along with identification of new Customer /Business Line in view of Emission Regulation changes.This project was started with combination of services of Business Development ,Project Management & Procurement.

Office Meeting

This Project was identified to capture new market by bringing OEM & Tier 1 companies expertise  at one platform.The product development jointly by the company had potential a develop low cost product which was mainly imported.

The services included market research,Negotiation,Business case and Project Management.

In Meeting

It was an R&D outsourcing project using Project Management Tools like identification of scope, Identification of minimum stakeholders ,strict timeline & Budget.Procurement of child parts for Final Assembly was also part of Scope.Business Potential /Case was made before kick off this Project.

Team Meeting

This project was executed as a part of Business Development Services.The services were provided to Tier1 Supplier who was looking to expand as  component supplier utilising his existing infrastructure. Potential Customers were identified and after receipt of RFQ ,response was made in a systematic way using Project Management Tools.

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